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Category «Manufacturing»

Breaking A Myth Of Offshoring Profitability In Textile Market.

Textile Manufacturing Market Global Briefing

PC: Globally, machinery manufacturers are re-allocating their production plants. Rapid wage increases, rising transportation costs and the difficulty in effective quality control at offshore locations are leading them to re-assess the attractiveness of off-shoring production locations in the developing countries. These factors are encouraging many companies to relocate production closer to their markets. For …

Could you print a plastic hare, please?

Plastic And Rubber Products Manufacturing Market Global Briefing

PC: Many plastic and rubber manufacturing companies are adopting 3D technology to design and develop new plastic and rubber products. Using this technology designers, engineers and manufacturers are creating new models and mold parts. The products made using 3D printers have good mechanical properties like strength and rigidity. For example, Stratasys developed one such …

Furniture At Wholesale Prices Eliminating Middlemen.

Home Furnishings and Floor Coverings Manufacturing Market Global Briefing 2017

PC: Home furnishings companies are delivering home furnishings and floor covering products directly to customers. This business model excludes middlemen from the supply chain and allows home furnishings and floor covering companies to offer their products to customers at more affordable prices. Some of the companies also started working directly with manufacturers to deliver …

Don’t Be Surprised Knowing That Robots Stitched Your Sweater.

Apparel Manufacturing Market Global Briefing 2017

The apparel industry has been transforming labor intensive manufacturing facilities to automated production facilities. This has enabled the textile manufacturers to produce at a lower cost. According to a report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 2015, 1.2 million industrial robots are expected to be deployed by 2025, thus indicating rise in automation and robotics …