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Category «Electronics»

Eco-Friendly Transformers Popular For Commercial Establishments

Power Generation, Transmission and Control Manufacturing MGB 2017

Transformer manufacturers are producing eco-friendly power transformers by using non mineral transformer insulating liquids. Eco-friendly power transformers use ester fluids such as insulating liquids which are extracted from vegetable oils. Ester fluids also have high flash and fire points suitable for use in areas requiring high fire safety standards.  For instance, Siemens has a research …

Intelligent Appliances Set To Take Over Homes

Household Appliances Manufacturing MGB 2017

The household appliance manufacturers are integrating their products with the IoT technology to make customers lives comfortable and convenient. Internet of Things technology is the interconnectivity of physical objects and devices that are integrated with sensors and software that allow them to exchange and collect data. Major technologies enabling smart household appliances include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth …

Consumers’ Preferences Towards Smart TVs Is On The Rise.

Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing MGB 2017

The demand for smart TVs is being driven by the rising consumer preference for built-in smart functions in personal devices, and increasing internet penetration. A smart TV combines the features of televisions and computers, and comprises a television set with integrated functions for internet use. Smart TV users are also offered direct access to streaming …