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Monthly archives: February, 2017

Internet TV – A Threat To Pay-TV Model.

Telecom Global Market Briefing 2017 | The business research company

Internet TV is gaining acceptance and being preferred by customers in the developed markets. The traditional pay-TV industry has been facing severe competition from online video streaming service providers. The low-cost video streaming service providers are threatening the pay-TV business model and forcing traditional pay-TV service providers to offer internet TV services to their subscribers. …

Keeping Your Data In The Cloud.

Hardware Support Services Global Market Briefing Outlook 2017 | The business research company

Cloud software solutions have been gaining acceptance from companies across all industries. The cloud is a software delivery method where a vendor hosts a software application in a remote server and customers can access it through the internet. As cloud computing services continue to grow the demand for cloud data recovery solutions is gathering pace.  …

3D Testing Culture Decreases The Cruelty Towards Animals.

Pharmaceuticals Global Market Briefing 2017 | The business research company

PC: David Mack The pharmaceutical industry is moving away from animal testing towards cheaper and more efficient technologies. For example, LiverChip technology created an alternative model of testing which uses a 3D cell culture platform that mimics the architecture and physiology of a human being, which was significantly less expensive and more efficient than animal …

Bye-bye Paper Work! Welcome Electronic Health Records!

healthcare | The business research company

Digitalization of information related to patients including their medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images, and laboratory and test results is being made possible with Electronic Health Records (EHRs). EHRs increase patient participation, and improve diagnostic and treatment outcomes. HEALTHCARE MARKET TO GROW TO $10.2 TRILLION BY 2020 ACCORDING TO THE …

Turn Real Life Into A Fantasy.

Film And Music GMB 2017

Motion capture is the process of recording a live motion event and translating it into actionable data that allows a 3D recreation of the performance. To achieve these performers need to wear reflective markers all over their body which are then interpreted by a computer and turned into digital 3D models. Some recent box-office blockbusters …