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Monthly archives: January, 2017

Boutique Firms Expand Investment Banking Firms’ Business.

Investment | the business research company

PC: Investment banking firms are focusing on mergers and acquisitions to expand their product offerings and increase their market share. Large investment banking firms are acquiring boutique firms (small firms which are specialized in various fields) which cater to specific industries such as technology, health care, financial sector, media and entertainment. The presence of …

A Shift To Asia For A Better Pigments Market.

synthetic dye and pigment | the business research company

There has been an increasing migration of manufacturing capacities from the West to low-cost countries in the Asia-Pacific region. This is driven mainly by stringent environmental compliance issues in Europe and North America. Gradually maturing production technologies and the presence of strong downstream customer bases within countries such as China and India have been propelling …

Sticking Goes Viral!

adhesives market report | the business research company

Adhesives companies are developing new adhesives to cater to the needs of various industries. The various types of adhesives being developed are pressure-sensitive adhesives, pre-cut layered adhesive films and stick-to-skin adhesives. Pressure-sensitive adhesives are used in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) duct work, automotive assembly and sound/vibration damping films. Pre-cut layered adhesive films that …

The Ending Of The Fraud Loss Era.

cards | The business research company

The focus on the security of card-based payments has increased significantly across the world to prevent card fraud losses incurred by banks. According to Capgemini, the worldwide value of fraud losses reached $16.3 billion in 2014. In this regard, payment service providers and merchants have implemented various solutions including the Payment Card Industry Data Security …

Micro-housing Units to Meet the Growing Demand for Affordable Accommodation.

students and workers accommodation | the business research company

With the rise in the student enrollment and worker population developers and designers are beginning to focus on creating micro-housing units that provide housing options near universities at a reasonable price. Micro housing provides students with miniature spaces set up for sleeping, study and preparing simple meals. Micro unit houses give students and workers access …

Quick, Packaged and Healthy Beverages are about to Capture the Global Bars and Cafes Services Market.

Bars and Cafes Services Market

Changing consumer lifestyles and rising preferences for quick, packaged and healthy beverages have led to increasing demand for ready-to-drink (RTD) products. RTD tea and other RTD products are growing rapidly in the bars and cafés industry. Companies in the market are working on launching such drinks in the market to cater to the working population. …